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UFC Box Ronaldo 7 Streams

Story about the first meeting of Cristiano Ronaldo and his wife.

In the middle of the series that spans six chapters with 45 minutes of duration, the Argentine influencer told how was her first approach to the footballer -at that time- of Real Madrid in 2016 inside a clothing store: "It was a summer Thursday. I was working at Gucci. It was my turn to leave at 5 o'clock and a colleague called me to stay half an hour longer to attend to a client. As I was leaving the store, a very handsome man appeared, almost two meters tall, accompanied by a child and a group of friends. Very handsome. The boy greeted me very politely and laughed. I started to feel a tickle in my stomach. And I thought: What's wrong with me? I didn't even want to look at him, I was so embarrassed."

How it continue?

"It was a moment of a click and it stayed in my head, it's the pure truth," deepened the Manchester United striker in a story that continued the mother of Alana Martina, the first daughter of the couple: "I started to attend him at Gucci and one day he wrote me that he had an event that if he was going to be. And I said yes, I would be there. I spent the whole day thinking about what I was going to wear, how I was going to do my hair. When I arrived I saw him looking very handsome, I remember that he and I were wearing. We toasted with a glass of champagne and I had to go to the company dinner. I didn't feel like it, but I had to go. But it was good because he left us with the desire".